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There has been a drone flying low over Hethel recently which has raised concerns over privacy and security. It has been seen near Hethel Church and surrounding fields and properties.

This has been reported to the police and the aviation authority if residents witness any activity over Bracon Ash could residents please report it to the police by calling 101.

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Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2020/21

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Don’t drop your guard

Covid spreads easily. Every time someone leaves their home, this creates new opportunities for spread of the virus. People are being asked to keep these opportunities to a minimum by:

  1. Staying in as a priority
  2. Avoiding unnecessary journeys
  3. Avoiding mixing with other households
  4. Shopping in a way that results in fewer people in the shops and on fewer occasions.
  5. Doing more to ventilate and clean homes.
  6. Staying local for exercise – this means in your own village, town, or part of the city.
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Coronavirus pandemic

As people are being to stay at home to restrict the spread of COVID-19 it is important that vulnerable people receive the support that they need. South Norfolk Council has created community hubs in line with government requirements. To  access help through the hub please call 01508 533933 or email to communities@s-norfolk.gov.uk

Further information can be found here

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Notice of appointment of date for the exercise of public rights

Notice of conclusion of audit

External auditor report and certificate

A summary of public rights

Notice of appointment of date for the exercise of public rights

Annual governance statement

Accounting statements 2016-17

Annual internal audit report 2016-17

Bank Reconciliation 1617

Explanation of significant variances in the accounting statements